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Performance Diver

Designed to make you a better diver in almost any situation.

  • 2 500 000 Indonesian rupiahs

Service Description

The Performance Diver course is unique in the dive industry. It is designed to make you a better diver in almost any situation. The skills that you will learn in this course have been designed by some of the most respected divers in the world. Not only will this course make you a safer diver, and prepare you for our other courses, but it will provide a range of skills you will use on every dive. Performance Diver will make you even better no matter how well you dive now. If you're a new diver, we will teach you skills that will help you in every course you do and on every dive. If you already have good water skills by the time you finish, you will have great skills. It is universally recognized that proper buoyancy control is essential for diver safety and control. This is one of the primary skills you will learn in this course. However, this course is not just a buoyancy course and is dedicated to sharpening your skills to a superior level. You will learn a number of skills like advanced buoyancy and trim, propulsion, laying line, emergency procedures, and working while being task-loaded. The applications of the program are endless. Any dive in any environment or equipment design can be made safer, easier, and more fun by utilizing the skills mastered in this course. This is a 1-day course

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