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Dive Sites

Amed and Tulamben

Prana Dive is well located in the middle of all dive sites around Amed and Tulamben area. Instead of 2.5-3 hours driving distance from Denpasar, here in Amed the best dive sites are within 25 minutes from Prana Dive. During the past 20 years, Amed as a sleepy fishing village has gone through major changes and developed into a thriving dive community. Along the coast, there are about 25 dive sites with healthy corals and plentiful marine life. 

If the famous USAT Liberty Wreck is on your bucketlist, Prana Dive surely arrange a trip there EVERY day even for try dive programs, it is the BEST you can expect. Amed thrives from Jemeluk Bay which is the well protected entrance to two totally different divesites, Macro on the left and Wide angle on the right. The Amed coastline continue to extend to the east till Bunutan, Lipah and a great snorkeling site named Japanese Wreck which is 20 minutes car drive from Prana Dive and so on to a very high level Dive Site named Gili Selang.


To the west of Jemeluk Bay, you will have Pyramids, a dive site full of life where you can see both natural and artificial reef grow; then a Macro Dive site Jl. Melasti just around the corner, Seraya, Tukad Abu's world class Macro sites, then Tulamben village with USAT liberty wreck, and Kubu village with Boga wreck and very healthy Kubu reef which is only 25 minutes drive from Prana Dive.

There are in total 6 villages along the coast of Amed and Tulamben. You have many choices if planning a long vacation here. All the dive sites are within 25 minutes driving from Prana Dive. Jemeluk Bay is only 3 mintes away from us. We offer both shore dive and boat dive.

For shore dives, there are Jemeluk Coral Garden, Jemeluk Wall, Bunutan wall, Tulamben USAT liberty wreck, Tulamben Drop off, Japanese Wreck in Lipah, Tulamben Melasti, Amed Melasti, Pyramids, Boga Wreck in Kubu, Secret Garden in Kubu, Coral Garden in Tulamben, Seraya Secret, Segara, Batu Belah close to Tukad abu village, etc.

For boat dives, the boat rent will be 100,000-200,000 IDR per person for 2 dives depends on distance. 2-3 persons share 1 boat. Boat Dive Sites we have: Tulamben Drop off, Batu Kelebit, Palung Palung, Alamanda, Secret Garden, Bunutan, Pyramids, Three fingers, Gili Selang, Selang Temple, etc.

USAT Liberty Wreck

Drop off

Coral Garden

Jemeluk Garden

The Wall Amed



Kubu Boga Wreck

Kubu Coral Garden

Lipah Reef

Batu Kelibit

Palung Palung


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