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The Ocean is Our Home
Meet Our Team
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Brendon has been diving since 1992 and became certified as a SCUBA Diver in 2000. He became a diving instructor in 2005 and is now an Instructor Trainer for Open Circuit and Rebreather (up to Normoxic Trimix) and Sidemount.

In his non-diving life, he has been a pilot since 1995. First in the South African Air Force where he became a flight instructor in 2000 and retired as a Maritime Flight Instructor and OT&E Test Pilot in 2008.

From there he moved to the United Arab Emirates, where he continued diving and training both divers and pilots.

Brendon’s passion for training and decades of experience in the challenges of effective knowledge transfer, combined with his deep love of the ocean and sharing that with others, has led him to craft Prana Dive, specialising in custom dive trips and training to allow people to realise their diving goals in the most efficient, safest and environmentally friendly way possible.

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Manager / Head Dive Instructor 

Turk fell in love with the ocean while living in the Mid-West of the United States. There was no ocean in Ohio but in the evening he could tune into “The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau” on the television. It is here where he would get lost in what seemed like an alien world, only to fall in love with the strange and wondrous creatures he saw on the show. He knew then he wanted to learn to dive so he could introduce others to this world

It took many decades, a move to Huntington Beach, California and a life-threatening illness but in 2016 Turk became a certified open water diver through PADI. He moved to the United Arab Emirates in 2017 in order to work towards becoming an instructor. That dream became a reality in late 2018 while also managing another dive center in the UAE. Turk is now an Divemaster Instructor with RAID who can teach multiple specialties including Deep 40 trimix with Sidemount being his passion. He is also a technical open circuit instructor and a Normoxic CCR diver on the Poseidon.

Turk’s passion for the ocean, high commitment to safety first,  diving in general and Sidemount diving shine through in his instruction style. Having taken courses in multiple agencies, he has been exposed to many different teaching styles and diving styles that he draws upon to help you reach your goals in diving in a safe and fun atmosphere.



Head of Cleaning

Komang is in charge of cleaning at Prana Dive. She is extremely dedicated and also available to help with other aspects of the dive school. She helps with washing dive gear after our divers come back from their dives.




Suandi will help you get fitted in your gear at the dive center. He loads the gear into the truck and drives us to and from the dive sites.  During the surface interval he is there to offer, coffee, tea, water and snacks all with a smile. Post dive he is quick to unload and clean the gear.



Compressor Operator

Made is the boss of our compressor room. A very kind person with a lot of patience and care and a great help for other aspects of the dive center. 

A little bit shy but a great laugh once he gets to know you.

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