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Deco 40

This program forms a bridge between recreational and technical diving

  • 7 250 000 Indonesian rupiahs

Service Description

Getting the ‘thumbs up' sign is probably the worst signal any diver can receive since it signifies that the dive has ended. Extending time, and sometimes depth, in water is probably every diver's desire. The RAID DECO 40 program forms a bridge between recreational and technical diving. The problem with technical diving is that it has marketed and positioned itself as unattainable for the average diver. Divers are led to believe they must have superhuman strength and mental agility to participate in a technical diving program. Of course, here at RAID we believe this is simply not the case, but believing and acting are two totally different things. The Deco 40 program is aimed squarely at the recreational market and not at the technical market. The program is ideally completed using modified recreational equipment. This course may also be taught in the sidemount configuration for certified sidemount divers The program overview is as follows: Being aimed directly at the recreational diver, participants may complete the course using traditional recreational equipment. The only provision is that the BCD or wing needs to have D-Rings capable of attaching a side-slung cylinder. Divers must fit a 2 metre/7-foot primary regulator hose. Dive to a maximum depth of 40 metres / 130 feet. Use any optional combination of air, nitrox, trimix and / or oxygen (optional Trimix) Complete a maximum of 10 minutes' decompression. When completing a decompression dive, divers must use a bailout gas. This bailout gas must be safe to breathe at the maximum operating depth of the decompression dive. If this gas is different from the primary breathing gas, divers must use a multi-gas switch computer and perform no-decompression dives. Certify to use up to 100% oxygen to extend their no decompression dive times by using multi-level gas switch dive procedures. Bottom or back gas maximum PO2 is 1.4 and a maximum of 1.6 (1.4 to 1.5 recommended) for extended no stop diving. When divers are switching gases, they must use a multi-gas switch computer. Divers certify to use air, nitrox, oxygen and there is a trimix option with a maximum END/EAD of maximum 30 metres/100 foot. This course takes 3 days to complete

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