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Action Camera

Shooting underwater video on a compact action camera? This is the course you need.

  • 2 250 000 Indonesian rupiahs

Service Description

Shooting underwater video on a compact action camera? This is the RAID course you need. Action cameras such as the GoPro and Paralenz have become very well established in both the amateur and professional markets. Their small size combined with very high quality and low cost makes these cameras very desirable. They are easy to use even for the most non-technical people, but they have more depth to them that one might first imagine. In this course you will learn how versatile these cameras are. The instruction is concentrated primarily on these camera's video capabilities but could not possibly ignore the great opportunities to capture still images as well. A great advantage of small action cameras over their larger cousins is the ability to get into tight places for those unique and imaginative shots that would otherwise be impossible. There are many makes of action camera on the market and this course does not make comparisons or recommendations of specific brands. This can be left to the discretion of your instructor and to your own web research. We will touch briefly on editing and presentation but most of all, at this stage, we want you to feel confident with your camera and see how easy it is to take great images. We intentionally will not get over-technical but aim to get you taking good video with very simple settings. Editing is the other half of videoing. Great video clips can be ruined or wasted with bad editing or not so good video clips can be made to look good with creative editing. As previously mentioned, we will go through some basics of editing just to get you started but we advise you to consider a separate editing course or instruction to develop greater skills. This course takes 1 day to complete

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